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This Complete Guide to Fixing Hail Damage on Commercial roofs

Apr 26


Flat roof contractors are often involved in repairs to flat roofs. If the problem is not fixed then they may be flat roof replacement contractors. Flat roofing Toronto is subject to the vagaries of hailstorms, and they can be a big problem for business owners in commercial settings. No matter how intense the hailstorm may be; even minor storms can damage the watertightness and integrity of a roofing system. Hailstorms aren't afraid to take on the toughest of storms, and when your building is at risk it will be damaged with the speed at which the sun sets. Commercial roof repairs are costly and can be a distraction from your regular course of business. Cadillac Roofing is a professional roofing contractor who can assist in hailstorm repair.

Factors that cause more harm on Commercial Roofs

Materials for Roofs

Commercial roofs can be damaged due to the material they're made from. If you have an aluminum roofing, you can expect dents to occur following a hailstorm. Different materials react differently. If your roof is constructed of asphalt compound, punctures can develop after a hailstorm. Find a business that can replace your roof nearby.



Roofs will age just like everything else, and will eventually start to degrade. A hailstorm could accelerate the destruction as the damages build on a roofing system. A combination of hailstorm damage and age can affect the roof's ability safeguard commercial structures.


Dimensions and Density of the Hailstones

Mother Nature can throw hailstones that are the size of baseballs on your roof. It's like using a 10lb sledgehammer on your roof. The hailstones can cause damage to your roofing system. One thing to remember about hailstones is that they come with sharp edges that could be the worst thing for your TPO or EPDM system since the systems will endure punctures through which water will enter the system without fail. Only, Woodbridge Roofing Company can provide you with the most effective assistance and support throughout.



Hailstones may cause serious damage to roofing systems, if hailstones are not controlled by the wind. The speed and force with which the wind blows will direct hailstones, and the power with which the wind is blowing will definitely aid hailstones in the damage they cause to roofs.


In the event of a hailstorm, barriers can be of great assistance. Awnings, trees, and other barriers can help limit damage to commercial roofing systems. They absorb the brunt force of hailstones.


How to Prevent Hail Damage on Commercial Roofs

Evidence of Hail Damage

  • Damaged gutters will show the damage caused by a hailstorm even though you might not even be aware unless you get on the ladder and have an eye-level view. There will be large dents after a hailstorm and small indentations like pock-mocked dents can suggest that the gutter is damaged.

  • Damaged siding and window sills will show hail damage and the result will look like this dent and dings which were not present prior to the storm are signs of damage. If you don't address the damage, look out for cracks in the siding or window sills.

  • Damage to furniture for outdoor use and air conditioners is visible after a hailstorm. The damage will be visible as deformed grating, pitting or pocking on furniture outside. Should you see your air conditioner having indentations in plating, call your insurance company and submit a claims.

  • If you visually inspect decks or painted wood surfaces, damage is evident. Decks and surfaces painted with paint will appear to have the pattern of polka dots as the paint where the hailstones were impacted will be removed from the spot.

  • Be sure to check roof vents and other features such as skylights for damage. If hailstones caused a major impact to the vents made of metal, the skylight will show signs of damage. If the vent gets damaged it may be a cracked - another source of water entering the cracked skylight. For assistance and assistance from an expert call woodbridge CA

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