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Is it better to replace or repair your air conditioner?

Apr 29


It is possible that you are hearing strange sounds coming from your AC or that your home is not cooling properly as it is supposed to. If you call an air conditioner repair mesa Arizona to check it out you'll wonder whether you'll need to replace it or if they can fix it. Everybody wants to avoid spending big amounts, but you may end up paying more over the long haul if you try to prolong an air conditioner beyond its time. We'll look at a few factors to help you make a decision.


The life expectancy of your system's components

Most air conditioning systems are built to last for 12-15 years. However, with proper maintenance, it's possible to run them for up to 20. If you've gotten to the point of having the unit for 12 years or so, you may start to spot little issues in its parts more frequently. Mesa technician for AC repair quick fixes can save you money, but after some years, the small fixes with more frequent maintenance calls to a professional air conditioning installers mesa az can begin to add up.


The truth is that it is impossible to stop age-related ailments from happening. So, the longer your system remains in good working order and in good working order, the more you'll spend. Everest Air LLC will be in a position to determine how well your unit has been maintained and provide you with an honest opinion about future issues that could arise.


Operating costs

Your old unit isn't as efficient as modern models. Therefore, even if it's a long time before you pay to fix the problem however, you'll see energy bills that are higher than they could be if you upgraded your unit. A new, energy-efficient air conditioner could cut down by 60 percent on your monthly expenses.


Be aware of all the components

In order to increase the efficiency and the reliability of your system, every component in the system must function in harmony. Replacing the older AC unit with a new more efficient model, but keeping the old thermostat in place won't give you all the savings you could have. Replacement of the outdoor condenser unit however not replacing the indoor coil will affect the performance and life span of a new unit.


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