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How Intensive Trauma Therapy Can Help You Recover from Emotional Trauma?

Oct 29

Trauma Healing Retreat is tailored to assist the person in gradually becoming less sensitive to the previous traumatic events. There are numerous forms of approaches to help trauma patients. They include:

Trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy

This therapy helps the person shape the thinking patterns attached to traumatic events. The thoughts patients attach to trauma leads to negative emotion and behavioral responses such as drug abuse. The therapist will motivate the patient to express their feelings about the experience. With that, they teach the patient how the thoughts can lead to emotions such as loneliness, guilt, and anxiety. With this approach, negative thoughts will become weak. 

Exposure therapy

Also known as short-term Therapy Retreat, exposure therapy helps trauma patients become less sensitive to trauma thoughts. The event's effect is gradually reduced by slowly exposing the patients to the trauma triggers in a safe environment. This helps the patient move past the avoidance habits they might have adopted. 

Self-care in trauma recovery retreat

There are some useful self-care actions that can be done to catalyze the process. They help you improve the impacts of Trauma Treatment approaches; they include: 

  • Daily workout
  • Avoiding sugar and junk
  • Getting a massage
  • Practice yoga
  • Joining a support group
  • Keeping a journal
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Joining a support group
  • Using guided imagery tracks

Taking good care of yourself after a traumatic experience is important. It indicates that you value your mental well-being enough to treat yourself with love and self-care. 

EMDR( Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing 

This is an eight-step plan that focuses on the present, past, and future in segments. An experienced therapist will ask the patients to follow an object or finger back and forth using their eyes while talking about trauma. This lessens the impact of the experience throughout the steps. 

When to go for a more intensive treatment 

The therapist will consider a more Intensive Trauma Therapy method if the above actions fail to work. Various treatment settings can help in the trauma recovery process. This include:

  • Weekend Mental Health Getaway retreats are tailored to offer different types of activities to assist patients in processing their trauma
  • Inpatient mental health treatment can be offered at the hospital or residence. 

Trauma Recovery Retreat is a process and Healing from emotional trauma might take time. So, be patient, be kind to yourself, and with time, you’ll win the battle.

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